TERRENCE DIXON/Other Dimensions LP/30D ExoPlanets

Format LP
Price 2,690円(税込)

デトロイト・テクノレジェンド TERRENCE DIXON aka Popuration One ニューアルバム!30D ExoPlanetsよりヴァイナル・リリース。全10トラック収録。LP盤。Other Dimensions Lp', Terrence Dixon's latest work and the new adventure in 30D's ExoPlanets sublabel, comes for the very first time released in full length format, split in two sides, showing Terrence's two faces. As everyone knows, words can not describe the music of this Detroit visionary, but we'll try. Futuristic, avant-garde-esque, mesmerizing, trippy and minimalistic / reduced techno funk as expected in A side, but highly emotional and evocative, as only he can do. On the flip side, Terrence redefines and takes to another level the concept of dark, experimental, abstract, atmospheric, alienated and dystopian music, a true musical trip (perhaps a nightmare???) to dive into. An extremely personal and intimate album.

01 Cosmic Storms
02 Aurora
03 Mystical Journey
04 Final Results
05 The Meeting
06 Elliptical Orbit
07 Small Discovery
08 Brilliant Rotation
09 Other Dimensions
10 Yesterdays World