HIDDEN AGENDA/One Time/Tempo Records

Format 12"
Price 2,090円(税込)

Metalheadzからのリリースで人気のドラムンベース・デュオ”HIDDEN AGENDA”の新作が、オランダ良質Drum & Bassレーベル"Tempo Records"からニュー・リリース!550枚限定Picture Disc(no picture disc repress!) On this limited edition picture disc you will find three new productions by Jason Goodings that live & breath the Hidden Agenda unique trademark sound; Urban Break-Beat, fusing old-skool jazz with always on a mission to seek out obscure samples for inspiration. Jason's unique output; sharp, precise and efficient is still recognizable today as the Hidden Agenda trademark sound.

1.One Time
2.Just Me
3.Something Nu