WAVEJUMPERS/The Sunken Treasure EP/Underground Resistance

Format 12"
Price 2,490円(税込)

Drexciyaの遺伝子を引き継ぐニュー・プロジェクト”WAVEJUMPERS”がURよりニュー・リリース!故James Stinsonの弟"Tyree Stinson"と相棒の"Michael Johnson"、そして"Mad Mike Banks"による新ユニット!Oaths were made, plans and maps drawn up. The Spawn has escaped. Wavejumpers spotted off the coast of Scotland. Can you decode The Sound that lurks in the fog?

1.The Sound
2.Aquatic Justice
3.Cetacaen Nation
4.Decoding The Maps
5.Sunken Treasure