DJ SWAGGER/Minor Major Grand Schemes/Goddess Music

Format 2×12"
Price 3,690円(税込)

DJ SWAGGERのニュー・アルバム!自身のGoddess Musicよりリリース。全16トラック収録。
This album is the most DJ Swagger sound yet. It wraps up all my influences from techno over hiphop to breakbeat and UKG. I had such a great time working on this and watching the process. I'm beyond grateful for the features and beautiful people that consistently helped me shaping this piece of music. Probably the largest project I ever started and drove to finish."

01 Jingle 21
02 Toes
03 Things U Do
04 Cheex
05 Valid Research (ft. Felix Fleer)
06 Evian
07 Illegality
08 Sugar Sugar
09 No Face No Case (ft. Vitus04)
10 Connbum (ft. Leibniz)
11 Lavender (ft. Flying Solo)
12 Direct Wave
13 Bad Dee Jay (ft. Hyas)
14 On Your Own
15 Humble
16 Fluox