MISTER BELLINI/Healthy Beets/Deep Shopping

Format 12"
Price 1,990円(税込)

On his new release on Deep Shopping, Mister Bellini will take you on a trip with 6 fresh tracks packed with - funky homegrown bleeps - 100% organic vocal chops - crispy claps - fat basslines - 100% fresh beets* Whether you cut them, scratch them or just fade them in and out, this DJ-friendly record will help you drive the crowd crazy and take it to the next level! - Highly compatible with other tracks - 45rpm-ready - increased banger per record ratio Say yes and get this in your bag - don't sleep. *includes 1 fat electro beet and 1 gritty dubbed out beet

1.What What
2.Stop The Buz
4.Healthy Bonus Beets
5.Plague Raver
6.Night At The Beach