V.A/Mute City/Gjidoda Music

Format 12"
Price 2,200円(税込)

ドイツの新興 Minimal - deep techno label "Gjidoda Music"第2弾。レーベル主催者Gjidoda & ILjiR, Longread Aka Kirill Matveev, Gjidoda Jr. そしてDJ SPOTと共に大阪でparty ”LARK”を主催するYoskeによるコンピレーションep。Vinyl Only.
Gjidoda Music comes with mute city release that presents the underground city vibe-sound and is shaped on music sound by retaining minimal dub dark tune street-elements

Unique music, modern photography and minimalist design are the three pillars that set this label in motion. Our team don't impose our opinion on you, we just want to share it with you

A1.Gjidoda & ILjiR – Downtown
A2.Yoske – Port Town
B1.Longread Aka Kirill Matveev – Epigraph
B2.Gjidoda Jr. - Airport Terminal