STEFFI/The Red Hunter LP/Candy Mountain

Format 2LP
Price 4,290円(税込)

STEFFI ニュー・アルバム!自身のニュー・レーベル”Candy Mountain”を立ち上げ4作目となるアルバムをリリース。2LP。全9トラック収録。Steffi's fourth album, and the first on her own label Candy Mountain, sees her bring modulating rhythm to the foreground, while preserving the song-like arrangements that have always made her work so relatable. These tracks blend early IDM, breaks and contemporary electro into a new sound space designed by Steffi for 2022's world.

01 Irreversible Cessation
02 Alternation Of High And Low
03 Primary Chaos
04 North Facing Shade
05 The Red Hunter
06 Tragedy Turns To Comedy
07 Agent Of Change
08 Individuals From All Walks
09 South Facing Brightness