Format 12"
Price 2,490円(税込)

台北拠点のレーベル<JIN 禁>新作は、Salamandaとしても活動するソウル拠点の女性プロデューサー”YETSUBY”がリリース。Cleveland, Eden Burns remix収録。Taiwanese label JIN records enters autumn 2022, with a new promising release by South Korea?s Yetsuby. As always searching for gems in the pan-Asian domain, JIN is delighted to have Yetsuby for its latest/6th release. On this EP, one-half of the ambient duo Salamanda, Yetsuby showcases her expertise in mood setting soundscapes, taking listeners on a sound journey across a wide array of musical spectra.

1 Bear Becomes The Human
2 Bear Becomes The Human (Cleveland Remix)
3 Jelly
4 Jelly (Eden Burns Remix)