OLIGO & LOST SECTOR/The Remasters Vol. I/Wormhole Wisdom

Format 12"
Price 2,090円(税込)

Wormhole Wisdom returns with a reissue of 3 essential 90s techno trax by Oligo & Lost Sector. Written and produced by Bill Fuller & Ben Garner between 1995-1996 and previously released on Fishtank return to the surface in 2022 via Parts Unknown and Craigie Knowes reissue label, Wormhole Wisdom. Vinyl only release. Remastered with care from the original recordings by Johanz Westerman at Ballyhoo Studio Mastering, NL. Serious club material resurrected. For DJ use ONLY.

01 Oligo - Light Orbit
02 Oligo - Trak 4
03 Lost Sector - The System