ABACUS/The Lower End Theory/Ndatl Muzik

Format 12"
Price 2,690円(税込)

NDATL continues with the return of Abacus to the label, ''The Lower End Theory'' is another slab of deepness from the produced who has released on classic labels ''Prescription'' & ''Guidance to name a few. The EP dives right in with the title track ''The Lower End Theory'' bouncin with a deep bassline then iced over with glossy keys that give you sight into his theory. Next ''Atlanta Deep'' is his ode to a late night drive in the A. Then on the flip we have ''Mortise & Tenon'' a 10min journey thru Detroit Techno to Toronto's underground. A perfect title as ''Mortise & Tenon'' is a type of woodworking joint! Now close your eyes & throw your head back into the Lower End Theory.

1 The Lower End Theory
2 Atlanta Deep
3 Mortise & Tenon