MANASYT VS SAM LOWRY/Manasyt vs Sam Lowry/Bunker

Format 12"
Price 2,190円(税込)

Manasyt vs Sam Lowry. A clash, mashup and/ or battle between two minds yet one and the same face. Hailing from the twilight zone, Bulgaria. The currently Xiamen, China, based Petar Tassev has joined the forces of his alter ego's on this 9 tracker. A side 4 celestial and daring Electro tracks followed by the more eerie B side. An experimental, future horror movie-like sound. Thrilling in all the right ways!

1 Manasyt
2 Manasyt
3 Manasyt
4 Manasyt
5.Sam Lowry
6 Sam Lowry
7 Sam Lowry
8 Sam Lowry
9 Sam Lowry