JEX OPOLIS/Bad Timin' Vol. 3/Bad Timin

Format 12"
Price 2,290円(税込)

Jexy's back with another entry in the Bad Timin' catalog! This time 'round, the Canadian/DJ/producer aims straight for your USB with four steamers engineered for the club. Deep cuts, dance cuts and upper cuts baby, we got 'em all! While "100% Electronic" twists a clever voice sample over a proggy thud, "The Best Ever" brings the Bad Timin' project ever-closer to Jexy's melodic roots. Elsewhere, "Instant Motion" morphs a tune from the producer's sizable back catalog into an uptempo screamer, while "Know Yourself" implores dancers to get real ... and quick!

1.Know Yourself
2.The Best Ever
3.100 Electronic
4.Instant Motion