KONDUKU/Hayal EP/Bitta

Format 12"
Price 2,250円(税込)

Konduku makes his first appearance on DJ Nobu's label Bitta, presenting four highly energetic, deep hypnotic cuts. It's the perfect collision between their characteristic practices. Konduku's two immersive techno works, in the form of 'Hayal' and the atmospheric 'Yakamoz', compliment Nobu's powerful and uplifting mountain-valley sound. Balancing out the EP are two proper mind-benders: 'Damla' perfectly represents Konduku's take on twirling half-tempo rhythms and 'Zifir' is a freaky heavy-hitter in the low sub territories.

1 Hayal
2 Damla
3 Zifir
4 Yakamoz