KENNY HOOPER/Detroit Orbiter Vol.2/Elypsia

Format 12"
Price 2,490円(税込)

デトロイト次世代 KENNY HOOPERのデビュー作 Detroit Orbiterシリーズ3部作第2弾!モーターシティのテクノとエレクトロの傑作が詰まったシリーズ第2弾! Young Detroit-native Kenny Hooper steps up for his debut release on Elypsia Records with not one, not two but three 12 inches full of prime Motor City techno and electro escapism. Titled ,,Detroit Orbiter Series" Volume I, II and III, each EP features four tracks, showcasing Kenny Hooper's brilliant and contemporary personal take on classic Detroit sounds. The twelve tracks of the ,,Detroit Orbiter Series" trilogy signal the arrival of a fresh Motor City talent ready to rake the world and dance floors by storm with his chunky and funkified sonic fictions. Elypsia Records is very proud to welcome Detroit's next generation of promising artists!

1.Sirius Bizness
2.Black and Forth