NICO LAHS/Distant Shadows/U FIT

Format 12"
Price 2,290円(税込)

Moods & GroovesやMetamorphic,Dailysession,Undaground Therapy Muzik,Cosmic Rhythm等から良質な音楽をリリースしてきたイタリア人アーティスト”NICO LAHS”が自身のニューレーベル”U FIT”を立ち上げ第1弾、リリース!After more than a decade releasing quality music on prestigious labels worldwide, Italian artist Nico Lahs launches his new label, U FIT, with two new solo EPs. The first, Distant Shadows, is a 4-track EP that showcases all of Nico's skills and his ability to juggle the most diverse shades of deep house. A package that collects proper club tracks, groovy stuff, emotional deep house, and raw and deep tunes. Simply what one would expect from Nico Lahs. Tip!

01 Time To Love
02 Travlin'
03 Make U Cum
04 Distant Shadows