VC-118A/Waves Of Change/Delsin

Format 2LP + Download
Price 4,290円(税込)

On his fifth album as VC-118A, Samuel van Dijk is using his evolved electro practice to explore the notion of change - a universal constant which keeps us barrelling towards unknown futures. 2021's Spiritual Machines found van Dijk edging his sound into downtempo and experimental pastures. On the follow-up, Waves of Change, crooked machine rhythms and richly developed tones and textures spool from his trusted bank of outboard tools, while a subtle drop in tempo widens the space for the atmospheric sound design to weave its magic. Balancing the disciplines of machine-powered sequencing and hand-shaped sound to render his ideas in sonic form, the continued evolution of VC-118A results in another mesmerising record steeped in craft and loaded with intention.

a1. Heat
a2. The Deep
a3. Stream
b1. Glub
b2. Motherboard
c1. You
c2. Replace Image
c3. Echo Drop
d1. Elektri
d2. Ufonic