REEKO/Energia Magenta/Delsin

Format 12"
Price 2,490円(税込)

Delsin welcomes Spanish techno icon Reeko to their Cameron series. Pushing his impressive take on techno for the past 20 years he keeps re-inventing himself, with a recent move on Berlin's Samurai Music presenting a full drum & bass EP as perfect example of this. And also here for Delsin, it's a fresh approach exploring new sides of techno. It's broken and wiggly with dreamy riffs tying it all together. Uplifting mountain valley techno combined with stepping off-beat kick drum jams. It's a flawless pack where Reeko shows he's capable of creating playful heads down techno of any kind.

1 Zaphiro
2 7 Horas En El No Tiempo
3 Energia Magenta
4 Soberanos Del Sistema