INNERSHADES/Explorer EP/Altered Circuits

Format 12"
Price 2,990円(税込)

Innershades revisits one of his favorite genres on the "Explorer EP". He combines his minimalistic take on dancefloor melody and drums with electro's energy and brilliance, and even though it's clear he's taken notes of this style of music since its materialization in the early eighties, the record might be most indebted to the sounds coming out of Detroit, the Dutch West Coast and the ocean in between. Subtly modulated overcast pads map out an expedition into the infinite on opener "Unknown Depths". A forthright 808 beat and bass pulse are introduced quickly and soon, complemented with detuned square waves. These alternate with salvos of low-fidelity high-notes that provide sparkles of light. "Explorer" draws from a similar range but dives deeper, into more impetuous waters. The pressure rises on the title track as jumpy 303s and angular, new beat tinged sequences interplay. On the B-side, the filter sweeps of "Aquaculture" set a probing mood in which a signature Innershades bassline guides the delay soaked leads. "Super 6" closes down the EP with nervous arps that flow effortlessly while the surrounding melodic elements take form in a more languid, slow-motion manner - it's as if they relate like water and the objects moving through it. As usual, these Innershades tracks are both sonically rich and emotionally ambiguous. Unquestionably urgent, their mixdown nonetheless lets the arrangements shine as much as the rhythmic sections, lending the record a warm luster. If you are looking for four cuts of analog funk interpreted through this artist's unique lens you will be more than rewarded over here.

01 Unknown Depths
02 Explorer
03 Aquaculture
04 Super 6