V.A/Deep Series 1.3/Deeptrax

Format 12"
Price 2,790円(税込)

After a two year wait, we proudly present Deepseries 1.3, the latest installment in our Deep compilation series featuring friends and family of the label. This atmospheric EP showcases the distinct sounds of Deeptrax, bringing together a curated selection of tracks that define the label's sonic universe. Caim kicks off the journey with an unreleased gem, a calm and atmospheric track with a punchy kick. It sets the stage for an immersive experience, inviting listeners into its ethereal embrace. Returning to Deeptrax, Mathijs Smit delivers a bass-heavy, emotionally charged track. A sonic return to familiar grounds, his contribution reflects the label's commitment to captivating, bass-driven soundscapes. Joey Anderson makes a poignant return with a deep, emotionally layered track where instruments guide, inform, and inspire. His unique ability to infuse depth and emotion shines through in this standout contribution. Rich P & Lee join forces for another V.A. installment, presenting a melodic house journey filled with dub chords. A perfect blend of melody and rhythm, their track is a testament to their signature sound. Closing the EP is Pim Holthof's debut on Deeptrax with an atmospheric minimal house track. His contribution adds a distinctive touch to Deepseries 1.3, showcasing the label's dedication to sonic exploration. Deepseries 1.3 is a culmination of artistry, emotion, and sonic innovation. Join us in this exploration of electronic music, where each track is a unique thread in the rich tapestry of Deeptrax Records. Welcome to Deepseries 1.3 - where the journey never ends.

1 Caim - Straight no Chaser
2 Mathijs Smit - Abducted
3 Joey Anderson - All around us
4 Rich P Lee - Clown Inc vocal mix
5 Pim - Somethings on my mind