SKUDGE/The Wind/Syncrophone Recordings

Format 12"
Price 2,990円(税込)

Elias Landberg, channeling the rich techno legacy of Skudge, presents ''The Wind'' EP on Syncrophone Records. This 3-track odyssey pays homage to Skudge's atmospheric finesse and hypnotic rhythms, showcasing Landberg's seamless blend of raw analog energy. Limited Edition: Immerse yourself in the Skudge-inspired techno experience with the exclusive golden-colored vinyl, a sonic canvas capturing the essence of the genre's pioneers. Embark on a journey through ''Wander's'' hypnotic beats, unravel the enigmatic ''Hidden Location,'' and surrender to the ambient allure of the title track, ''The Wind.'' Secure your golden vinyl copy now, and let Elias Landberg guide you through the echoes of Skudge's influential sound, inviting you into the heart of techno exploration.

2.Hidden Location
3.The Wind