DOLTZ/Inception EP/Bitta

Format 12"
Price 2,390円(税込)

Nobu welcomes Japanese sound artist Doltz to his Bitta imprint for a full pack of hypnotic techno. Doltz started his musical career in 1998 as a drummer in a hardcore punk band, and had a fateful encounter with DJ Nobu, who shares the same musical roots, when they were billed alongside each other at a party called 'Broad' in Fukuoka-city in the winter of 2022. Impressed by Doltz's live performance, DJ Nobu immediately booked him for his residency party 'reprise' at Womb Tokyo. Set the stage for Doltz's sensational debut in Tokyo. The two hit it off and began exchanging tracks, with DJ Nobu actively playing out Doltz's tracks while touring across the world and receiving a good response. This first EP on Bitta consists of four of such tracks that were tested and proven. Doltz has already released several deeper techno and ambient works under the alias, but his encounter with DJ Nobu has allowed him to show his new potential on trippy and powerful tracks that are more dancefloor-oriented, and he has made rapid progress as an electronic music producer over the past year. More to come.

1 Subsumption
2 Pressure Point
3 Ambai
4 Delphinium