ARKAJO/Entwine_Signature (Polygonia and Konduku Remixes)/Arkajo

Format 12"
Price 2,550円(税込)

Arkajo is back on his own label with two originals and two remixes by kindred spirits, Polygonia and Konduku. Starting with the warm Entwine, stepped-out beats laced with swirly stabs. Polygonia's finishes off the A-side with an organic and atmospheric rework; saturated in deep, trippy, rattling tonally percussive flows. Arkajo's Signature leads the B-side: broken drum patterns with whispers from the realm between where Sweden and the UK meet. Konduku settles the score with his dark and eerie 4x4 techno take. A diverse record to keep in the bag for both hazy basements and the upcoming summer season.

1 Entwine
2 Entwine (Polygonia Remix)
3 Signature
4 Signature (Konduku Remix)