LEMNA/Mantis 14/Delsin

Price 2,750円(税込)

Experimental Japanese operator Lemna returns to Mantis with another five intricately sculpted cuts that toy with tension, release and the mysterious atmosphere of the forest at dawn. Lemna adopts a considered, patient approach to her music practice, creating interlocking rhythms which take cues from Autonomic fragmentation as much as techno hypnosis, but it's the spatial pressure and textural sound design which makes her music truly fly. Taking predawn walks in woods at the foot of the mountain she calls home, she drew inspiration from five different organisms within the vibrant ecosystem around her to create a collection of tracks she aptly refers to as 'Nocturnal Assembly'.

1 Lapis Lazuli
2 Forest Green Tree Frog
3 Mycena Chlorophos
4 Datura
5 Northern Boobook