NEEL/Disco Quarantine EP/Interdimensional Transmissions

Format 12"
Price 2,990円(税込)

Neel is about as much of an Interdimensional Transmissions person as you can get. Co-founder of Voices From The Lake, a powerful and sensitive DJ from an early age, mastering engineer at Enisslab in Rome, he even is a partner in a record pressing plant. He does everything yet still finds the space to get specific in his internal investigations for the Disco Quarantine EP. Exploring the boundaries between genres, simultaneously pure deep techno and disco, he continues to explore the edges with the ever propulsive title cut, and further connections with each song. Psychedelic, propulsive, subtle, perfectly produced gems ranging from hedonistic underground moments where time ceases to exist to moments of exploration throughout the cosmos. It feels like the B side opener Deep Quarantine was composed for the environment at No Way Back, though it is equally eternal and available to any floor anywhere in the world.

01 Disco Quarantine
02 Tec Quarantine
03 Deep Quarantine
04 Tribal Quarantine