AMANDRA/Edition Collector/Nous klaer Audio

Format 12"
Price 2,590円(税込)

French producer and hardware specialist Amandra returns to Nous'klaer with four stoic, minimal club tracks that are so delicate and deftly produced that they beg to heard as loud as possible and as quietly as possible, allowing the listener to inspect every nook and cranny of Amandra's sonic tapestry. Opener "Lavanvilla" rides a simple drum loop that's filled out by gated, beautiful noise that gets punctuated by vibey Rhodes 7th chord and a constantly evolving 16th percussion pattern that gracefully pushes that song forward. "Palette Doree" and "Edition Collector" are Amandra's most swung offerings, lively sampled percussion and lush synths that offer endless breathing space for these beautiful numbers to exhale. "Pana Ondine" is the dance floor workhorse with a soft and punchy kick, rough stabbing bass hook, wispy ride and a mesmerizing arpeggio, the track never calls your attention loudly but instead gently lures you into its grasp. Comes in a special duo-pantone printed jacket by Rotterdam based artist Tim Mastik. With words by Gregory Markus.

01 Lavanvilla
02 Palette Doree
03 Pana Ondine
04 Edition Collector