STEFFI/The Red Hunter (Remixes)/Candy Mountain

Format 12"
Price 2,790円(税込)

Steffi's fourth solo album, The Red Hunter gets remixed! This killer package with remixes by 9 artists close to Steffi's heart, represent her musical bandwidth with a very diverse mix from ambient, IDM, broken beat to electro, techno, and drum & bass! The special vinyl version opens with Convextion aka E.R.P who delivers his signature with a 10 minute ultra deep, beautiful, techno/electro journey. Italian talent Rosati drops a high energy chord techno monster and UK duo Tracing Xircles throw us in a deep trippy bath with their mixture of IDM with a lush broken beat banger!

01 Irreversible Cessation (Convextion Remix)
02 Individuals From All Walks (Rosati Remix)
03 North Facing Shade (Tracing Xircles Remix)