VALYOM/Red Sector/Tech-nology

Format 12"
Price 2,590円(税込)

This was the first release on the label bearing the title ''RedSector'' and catapulted tech-nology into the music scene with adistinctive blend of warm, raw, and captivating machine funk, fusing elements of techno and electroclash. The title track''Valyom'' reach third place on Ricardo Villalobos' chart, while''Echo Dreams'' became an enduring electro classic. Hailing from Belgium, Valyom, also known as Filip Vandendriessche, had already left a strong mark on the music landscape under the moniker DJ Valium. He had previously released with the German label International DJ Gigolo Records and emerged as one of the first Belgian artists to contribute tothe Detroit sound with releases on Teknotika Records. Filip Vandendriessche has been a fixture on record labels and event flyers since the early '90s when, fueled by his passion for dance music, he co-founded the UFO parties in the western provinces of Belgium. These early gatherings laid the foundation for a global journey that took him to some of the most iconic underground parties labels worldwide. Tech-nology is proud that Valyom was the first artist to be released on the label. Red is also the colour of love!

1.Echo Dreams
3.242 Compliment