SCRAPPY/Acid House + Medusas - Chicago, 1987-1992/Still Music

Format 2LP
Price 6,990円(税込)

1980年代シカゴにオープンした伝説的クラブの一つMedusa's。そこでレジデンツを務めたJonathan Gilbert aka "SCRAPPY"によるアシッド・ハウス・アンセム”Freeze”の全ヴァージョンと未発表音源がStill Musicよりヴァイナル・リリース!2LP。In the midst of House music's burgeoning scene in 1986 Chicago, a young local DJ named Jonathan Gilbert, known as Scrappy, seized a golden opportunity to showcase his skills at the renowned Medusa's Club's video room. It was in 1987, one fateful night, when the main DJ failed to show up, that Gilbert stepped in, securing a residency at one of the city's hottest spots. As the year progressed, Gilbert ventured into music production, teaming up with The Boxx Boys--Jim Marcus and Van Christie, notable for their later formation of the iconic group Die Warzau. Their collaboration birthed the legendary acid house anthem from Chicago, "Freeze," which Gilbert released under his Zap Records label in 1988, solidifying his place in Chicago's music history. The track became a timeless favorite, and is often featured in Jerome Derradji's sets. With Scrappy's gracious consent, we have the privilege of reissuing this seminal track, along with delving into his archives to uncover previously unreleased gems and alternate versions from his Atlantic Records era around 1990. For a brief period, Scrappy rode the waves of Chicago's house scene with his distinctive flair before bidding farewell to pursue new horizons in California. Presented for the first time on Still Music, "Acid House + Medusa's - Chicago, 1987-1992" invites listeners on a journey through the vibrant tapestry of late-eighties Chicago House. DJing, indulgence, romance, and the pulsating beats of acid house defined Scrappy's era, and fortunately, he left behind a legacy of unforgettable house tunes, emblematic of the city's unparalleled musical spirit. This limited edition DLP release, accompanied by an insert detailing the captivating tale of one of Chicago's unsung talents, ensures that Scrappy's story and his contribution to the era remain etched in musical history.

01 Freeze (Scrappy Mix)
02 Freeze (Mad Dog Dub)
03 Freeze (Limelight Mix)
04 Don't You Wanna Dance (Unreleased 1990 Mix)
05 Freeze (Credit Power Dub)
06 Welcome To My House (Jerome Derradji Edit)
07 Freeze '92 (Remix)
08 Don't Give Up On Love (Long Version)
09 Love Motion Diversey St Trip (Acid Love)