LNRDCROY/Contact-E/Repetitive Rhythm Research

Format 12"
Price 2,690円(税込)

オランダ名門Cloneのサブレーベル”Repetitive Rhythm Research”新作は、1080pやMood Hut等からも作品を残すLNRDCROYがリリース!Unio Mystica: Absorbed from my room onto a triangle ship, by an alien wearing blue scaled bio-armour, to travel instantaneously across vast folds of time & space. The alien occupied the pinnacle of the triangle, the other two points by myself and an unknown human female, respectively. The ship, at least for this type of journey, was powered by harnessing the coalescent, universal force of LOVE. This truly hierogamic union acted as a sort of inter-dimensional transcendence driver, which allowed us the defeat of all material boundary and therefore, time itself. It was a keen insight into the ultimate conciliation: that love permeates and binds together an otherwise cold and hostile universe. And perhaps it was not an "alien" but an angel. Angels are traditionally understood to be preternaturally photonic (of a type), lacking physical densification, and which manifest themselves as various imaginal forms in the human psyche... What is known: the starship is ours; a portal of two souls combined.

1 Contact E
2 It Rains On Their Planet
3 Dematix Upscale
4 Gamma Raymond