KEPLRR/Plumes/Midgar Records

Format 12"
Price 2,990円(税込)

Control Freak Recordingsからのリリースで知られるロンドンのプロデューサー”Keplrr”がMidgarからニューリリース!London producer Keplrr debuts on Midgar with ?Plumes?. Known for his productions on trendsetting outlets like Control Freak Recordings and Pressure Dome where he showed his excellent take on forward thinking broken techno music, right here for Midgar he uses a more straight forward approach with two versions of title track ?Plumes?. The original is a subtle, percussive and playful techno groover, where the ?Meditation Mix? flips this impeccable groove into an airy atmospheric after-house mood. Second track ?Pulse? continues on this breezy atmosphere, it?s a floaty eyes-closed deep trip, with carefully arranged drums creating the perfect breakdown. Keplrr?s creative process delves into the profound, seeking to encapsulate the sensation of falling or morphing, blurring the lines between reality and reverie. His aim is to transport listeners to a state somewhere between a dream and a trip, where the boundaries of perception dissolve, and the subconscious takes flight. This EP embodies that quest, each track a sonic voyage into the depths of consciousness.

1 Plumes
2 Pulse
3 Plumes (Meditation Mix)