JEFF MILLS/The Trip/Axis

Format 2LP
Price 6,590円(税込)

Jeff Mills new album! COSMICLAB主催、戸川純らが参加し話題になった”THE TRIP - Enter The BlackHole - ”舞台作品からのサウンドトラック。Axisよりヴァイナル・リリース。2LP。Jeff Mills Presents his new album ''The Trip'', The World's First Cosmic Opera. What happens on the cosmic journey toward the black hole? What is on the other side of the black hole? Jeff Mills is set to explore these questions through a performance and an album release, that appeals to the auditory and visual senses. This double LP is cut in reverse, playing inside out.

1.Entering The Black Hole
2.Time In The Abstract
3.Contradiction ft. Jun Togawa (Silent Shadow Mix)
5.When Time Stops
6.Time Reflective
7.Infinite Redshift
8.Hole ft. Jun Togawa