Ekolali_Tala Drum Corps/Plafond 8/BAKK

Format LP
Price 2,990円(税込)

BAKKのPlafondシリーズ(music between dance floor and living room)第8弾。スウェーデン出身のEkolali_Talaとオランダ出身のTala Drum Corpsによるスプリットep。Plafond continues, taking center stage after the mother label BAKK ceded. Here, two long-time collaborators, Ekolali, originating from Sweden, and Tala Drum Corps, from the Netherlands, await their returns. The former reappears with a characteristic approach earlier heard on 'Doggerland'. The latter did multiple dance releases yet now debuts for this series, expanding on his stylistic spectrum. Despite shared tempo, the energies of the track are each of their own. Pulsating with energetic urgency, Ekolali, towards hypnotic movement, Tala Drum Corps. 'Totem Mollusca' shoots for the sun, like a budding landscape, yellow rays, waterdrops - kraut-inspired yet club-like without seeking a climax. 'tokyo subway' has a marimba-ridden, timeless approach - a clock-ticking, crude atmosphere, as a dream long passed, slowly ascending. Known for its two-sided, two-songs approach, Plafond offers two artists or artist combinations the freeform room for exploration and elongation of their respective sound and practices. This is the eighth in the series.

1 Ekolali - Totem Mollusca (14:45 min)
2 Tala Drum Corps - Tokyo Subway (16:06 min)