YAGYA/Coconut Rice/Under The Radar

Format 12"
Price 2,790円(税込)

Yagyaの2008年のデモ音源庫から素晴らしいdub techno trackを発見。オリジナルに加え自らの2remixとOctal Industries remixを収録。From the old demo music vaults of Yagya, we found this amazing dub techno track dating back 15 years to the summer of 2008! Directly at the first listen we knew that this had to be fully released, Yagya was quick to agree, and also delivered 2 remixes himself and added another one from Octal Industries which resulted in a dub techno jam made in heaven!

1.Original Version
2.Octal Industries Deconstruction
3.Q Variation
4.Z Variation