FRED P/Unofficial Covers Interpretations/Unknown

Format 12"
Price 2,390円(税込)

restock. 再入荷。Fred P 限定盤!Return To Forever、Weather Report、Chick Coreaの楽曲をFred Pが再構築。very limited vinyl-only. Fred P makes a rare endeavour into the realm of covers with an ambitious project. With “Unofficial Covers Interpretations” Fred P reinterprets and reconstructs music by Return To Forever, Weather Report and Chick Corea. This very limited vinyl-only release is a reimagining of three of Fred P’s favourites, each adapted for the dance floor, from his personal point of view. One of a kind as this is a rare step into the area known as cover music.

1.Return To Forever Rumble (Fred P's Journey Interpretation)
2.Chick Corea La Festiva (Fred P's Tribal Beats Interpretation)
3.Weather Report Havona (Fred P's Broken Beat Interpretation)