FRED P/Private Society Vol 2/Private Society

Format 12"
Price 2,190円(税込)

Fred P主催の”Private Society”からヴァイナル・カット第2弾!After the tremendous success of Private Society Vol. 1 we find the artist known as Fred P diving once again into the vaults to bring forth a track he has been playing in sets across Japan. “On The Beach” is a piece of bliss warped in audio form that takes you from you current reality to an utopian one that replenishes your energies in a way that only the ocean can. This gem has been nestled in the expansive catalog of the Private Society initiative since 2020 and is now seeing a vinyl release along with an exclusive stripped down reprise to go along with it. Following this heartfelt piece of art comes a Reshape of Black Jazz Consortium’s “Mystical Sunshine”. Taken from a forthcoming project, Fred P reconstructs and adapts this future jazz abstraction for the dance floor. Accompanying is a deep dark Tribal dub that takes this tune to yet another realm. Private Society Vol. 2 does not miss a step and if this is an indication of whats to come, hold on to your seats.

1.On The Beach (Reprise)
2.On The Beach
3.Mystical Sunshine (Fred P Reshape)
4.Mystical Sunshine (Fred P Tribal Dub Version)