REEL BY REAL/Tic Tac EP/Artless

Format 12"
Price 2,690円(税込)

Reel By Real aka Martin Bonds, our man from Detroit graces us with some fresh music! Did you heard about the Tic Tac incident, where a fighter jet encountered a 'tic tac' shaped unidentified flying object? This event sparked a lot of inspiration with Marty for this very release, leading to three new original Reel By Real tracks harnessing extra terrestrial vibes combined with Detroit Techno and Electro magic! The EP is completed by a stripped down space funk remix from label boss Don Williams. Enjoy the music! Limited edition in hand-pulled screen-printed cover.

1.Alien Crosstalk
2.Alien Crosstalk (Don Williams Palindromic Phrase remix)
3.Cygnus 4
4.Transport To Antares