MATHILDE NOBEL/Marcel Dettmann Remixes/Nous klaer Audio

Format 12"
Price 2,690円(税込)

Contemporary techno legend Marcel Dettmann delivers four(!) remixes for Dutch avant-pop artist Mathilde Nobel's Founds on Land. Nobel's LP for Nous'klaer has been one of the label's most adventurous releases, adding a much needed breath of experimental twisted air to the Dutch pop scene. Dettmann transforms opening track "Bliss" from a guitar heavy walloper into a noise wash, floor-filled techno tool driven by a hypnotic staccato saw tooth arpeggio. Nobel's album single "I Eat Air" which was dominated by chopped voices and a lullaby-esque bell melody becomes a mesmerizing crescendo in Dettmann's hands, retaining the haunting bells and Mathilde's signature vocal processing. Third track "Nehalennia" goes from the album's heaviest offering to a cinematic, minimal techno, bit-crushed, avant-pop song. While remix closer is a spaced out version of "I Eat Air" omitting all drums in-lieu of more bells and chimes and chops off Nobel's haunting voice. The 4 remixes from Dutch up and comer in the hands of techno maestro Dettmann is a meaningful pairing illustrating Nobel's adept musical prowess and Dettmann's never ending pulse taking of what the new school are bringing to the table. Text by Gregory Markus.

01 Mathilde Nobel Bliss (Marcel Dettmann Remix)
02 I Eat Air (Marcel Dettmann Remix)
03 Nehalennia (Marcel Dettmann Bitcrush Version)
04 I Eat Air (Marcel Dettmann Space Version)